Thursday, October 3, 2013

Dr. Li

So we made an appointment with Dr. Henry Li, a dude that specializes in blood cancers and a graduate of Stanford and Harvard.  Lisa and I are looking at each other on the drive in thinking to ourselves "WTF is going on?"  Doc did blood work, asked a bunch of questions on my health, how I was feeling, energy levels, loss of appetite, bone pain, sudden weight loss, all that shit.  None of it applied to me except the weight loss.  But after we told him that I work out, dropped gluten from most of our diet, and cut back on booze, combo'd with my age, Doc said that things sounded fine.  The problem was that I was low on my red blood cell count and my cells were irregularly shaped.  Lisa ratted me out to him, telling him how much Ibuprofen I like to consume on a daily level.  Armed with this info, Dr. said I had a hole in my stomach and was trickling blood out of it.  Dude pulled my Ibuprofen card and put me on an acid blocker to stop the bleeding, as well as told me to take iron pills.  He wanted to see me in a month or two to redo some blood work and when we walked out of the doctors office, we felt like we dodged a bullet. 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Warning sign

Lisa made me an appointment with the dermatologist to get some prescription shit for my snowboard boot fungus and toenail fungus.  She was tired of me covering my nasty ass toenails with black nail polish.  Dr. said that the only way to really get rid of toenail fungus was to get on this drug called Lanolin for 3-4 months.  Dr. said the shit was pretty gnarly on your liver so he had blood work to make sure everything was good.  I left with a prescription for the drug and the instructions to start taking the drug.  Dr. would call if anything came up with my blood work.  The next day I took the first pill, and later that day I saw a voice mail from a number I didn't recognize.  When I listened to it, it said "Hello John, this is Dr. Stidels office.  There is some things that came up in your blood work, so DO NOT start taking the drug.  We'd like you to go see Dr. Henry Li at the Polyclinic to talk to you about your blood work.