Friday, October 10, 2014


Friday October 10th, Milo gets out of school early and asks me to pick him up at school with our bikes on the Burban so we can go rip around TOGETHER at Duthie Hill bike park in Issaquaw.  Really, my 14 year old wants to just hang out with his pops, hit jumps and shit?  I'm all in.  We roll out there, warm up with some mellow jump lines and fun runs.  Lil dude see's this run called 12 pack or something, that's a line thru the woods with 12 sets of bmx style double jumps.  Not huge, not small, but kind of a technical run as there's lots of turning, jumping and pumping going on.  Milo says "Dad, follow me thru, let's train this thing."  "You sure?  You think I got this?"  "No problem Dad" was all I needed to hear.  Well I made it thru the first jump, into the second set and went over the bars and got pinned into the berm.  Shit knocked the crap out of me, and the picture above is me turning off the GoBro while I'm sweating like a Pollack in a spelling bee because I'm going into shock or something.
Milo ended up coming back to check on me (he got a full pull thru the 12 pack) offered me water and then had me film him going thru the line.
Well we got done with that, and I decided it was time to seek medical attention.  I called Lisa, and she made and appointment at Urgent Care because we were going to save $ on the ER charges.  After driving thru Seattle traffic for an hour we get there.  Dude does an x-ray and determines I have a broken rib but he see's some scarring on my bones and suggests I go to the ER room to make sure I'm not bleeding internally and to see what's up with all the scarring on my bones.
I get an MRI and some drugs and the news that I in fact have 4 broken ribs, a chipped scapula and an enlarged spleen.  I also am given orders to go back to Dr. Li because I have Leukemia like shit going on.  Either Myleofibrosis or Leukemia are what it's looking like at this point. 

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