Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Match making

So it was like a month from our last visit to this visit at Seattle Cancer Care.  For some reason Lisa and I were excited about this visit as for no reason we thought we'd get a definitive "this is what we are going to do" or something like that.
I go in and get a needle in my arm.  They extract 5 things of blood.  4 to test my levels of stuff, and one honker to do some gene matching with for the marrow transfusion. 
We end up with Dr. Becker again and start chatting.  My blood cell counts have improved over the last month.  Good news for sure, as it means we have more time to find the right donor, and or do the clinical trial thing. 
I ask her how many patients she has with what I have, Primary Myleofibrosis.  "Well, I have one that has what you have.  I used to have 4 others."  Oh did they get cured?  "No they died."
So for me, I want to get this whole thing rolling.  I WANT to finish this selling season with work, do my Baldface trip, go to the Launch with the kids and then get this nastiness going.  My thought and pitch to Dr. Becker was that I'm healthy right now, don't really have the symptoms of bone pain, fatigue, night sweats, hunger loss and other stuff.  I just got a label of having the disease and an enlarged spleen that keeps me from doing anything risky.  So let's get this ball moving while I feel good, am strong and make this miserable year go by.  Lisa and her aren't really buying into my philosophy, but we'll know more in a month.  As that's our next appointment and when we get the results of the gene mapping for matches for a transplant. 

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