Tuesday, February 24, 2015


That's how much this bottle of pills is.  Nine thousand, seven hundred dollars.  That's $161 a pill.   R you fuckin kidding me? 

So I get a random call yesterday.  "Hello John?  This is Abby from Seattle Cancer Care, your prescription for Ruxolitinib is ready."  Uh what?  I got no prescription that I'm waiting for.  "Well Dr. Becker sent down this prescription and it's ready for you.  You've talked to her about it, right?"  I haven't seen or heard from Dr. Becker in over a month.  And that stuff your telling me is for me is the reason why I went to Dr. Becker, to get a second opinion if I should take it or not.  And she said (2 months ago) that it would be like putting a band aid on.  And now she's prescribed it for me?  "Well it's to help the symptoms of your enlarged spleen, that's why she prescribed it."  Cool.  Thanks for the heads up.  I'll be by tomorrow to pick up my pills.

Love the fucking communication with this bullshit.