Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Breaking in down

 This vids a little long, but man does it cover all.  Dr. Bart is here in Seattle and is who works with Doctor Becker.
30-40% of the patients die from stem cell transplant?
Only 10% of the people with MF get transplants?   Except in Seattle...
I like that this dude Bart is pretty aggressive in his approach with this as well. 
The thing that gets me about the video is that these Dr's are THE Doctors in the MF field and their approach on how to treat it is all over the map.  On top of that, look at the amount of views on this thing, 16 views and two of those are Lisa watching it and then me watching it.  14 views on a video of the top Doctors in the world recently (Feb) talking about how to treat MF?

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