Wednesday, June 1, 2016

YoBeat Hump Day

Before the kids and I went to Big Bear CA for a snowboard event, a young man that we had met a couple of years before asked me if he could do an interview with me for his blog while in California.  I've read his blog before, have it book marked and thought why not.  

There's a pretty funny snowboard site that "makes fun of snowboarding" on the regular but on Wednesdays profiles riders, industry dudes, etc.  Well Justin sent the interview he did with me to these guys to use for their Hump Day feature.  Give it a read if you like, my answers to the questions aren't really anything special, but more of the response and positivity from the comments.  My goal in doing it was only to raise some awareness for Be The Match as well as for friends of people going thru something like I did. 


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