Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Keeping the spleen

For now that is.  We had the big consultation about who, what, why and how this transplant will go down with Dr. Becker last Wednesday.  She went in detail of the meeting we had on D-Day about the drugs I'll be taking, tests, mouth sores I'll be getting and other fun by products. 
She also ordered a Ultrasound to get an exact measure on my spleen to see if we keep it or cut it out.  She said "if it's 26cm or bigger, it's coming out, 25cm or smaller, we'll give it another month on the Jakafi drug to see if we can get it to 22cm or smaller before the start of this.  Last Friday I had the Ultrasound and the tech told me it was 25cm, to which I was stoked. 
Then got a call on Monday from Nurse Sonny who said it was actually 24.5cm.   So three more weeks on this drug that the price went from $9,700 a month to $10,200 a month.  $29,600 invested to keep a spleen?  Damn.  Still planning on a go day of June 1 though.  Tick tock, this shits counting down. 

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