Saturday, June 6, 2015

Up Date

Last Saturday Mac and I rolled up the Skykomish to do a little yardwork at the cabin and maybe get my first and last bike ride and of the season in.  Saturday was awesome, we took a bunch of hot laps, hooked up with some friends and then got home and cut the lawn then weed whacked the lawn. The place looked pretty Chino.
Sunday we were up and at it early met up with the mayor of Skykomish Brian Schaefer and his group of dudes and ripped some more laps.  I was doing the smart thing when they went in for a beer at lunch and I said "yeah I'm just going to keep riding I'll have a beer when I'm done." 
The day was ending for Mac and I and we were rolling back to the car when we ran into one of his friends that doesn't mountain bike and we're going to do "one more run" with them, taking it easy getting down the hill.  20 feet off the chairlift going 5 miles an hour in the first turn my front tire washed out and I went down hard on the only place on my body that didn't have pads, my elbows.  For some fucked up reason, Sunday was the only day I've never worn them.  Ski patrol thought I just had a really bad hematoma, I thought the same thing so we packed up my shit from the cabin and cautiously went back to Seattle. 
Monday was a big day on the transplant timeline because we were going back to Seattle Cancer Care where I had an appointment with the infectious disease department to see if the toe fungus I have was going to hold up my bone marrow transplant.  Which it's not.  But what they really needed me to do is go to the emergency room and get my arm looked at.  Next thing I know they got me pumped up with ketamine and they're relocating my elbow into its socket and then scheduling me for surgery on Wednesday to put a plate and screws into my elbow apparently I had dislocated my elbow as well as breaking it pretty badly. 
Wednesday was supposed to be the meeting I was going to have with Dr. Becker about when we're actually going to do the transplant so that got rescheduled until the 23rd of this month.   Just a minor setback or a test run for the upcoming pain.

Sundays pain drive home from the mountain.  Thanks for the sling.

Swell bow
Pre drugs and ketamine
Post surgery, diloted, oxy and morphined up.

5 days after surgury the bandages came off.  Them puss buckets are trauma blisters called blebs.  Nasty.
 9 days post surgury

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