Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Home Life

Well I've been home for 10 days now but have been back at SCCA 9 of those days.  It's a full time job doing everything they did for me at home and then getting our asses there on the daily for blood work, meetings, testing, blood and platelets.  My white blood cells have been going thru the roof, which is super encouraging.  Just waiting for the platelets and red blood cells to come back on line which they say takes some time.  Thus the 5 or so transfusions since I've been a free man.
We met with the nutritionist last week and they want me to get 3 litres of fluids in me a day as well as over 2,500 calories with more than 120 grams of protein.  You should have about 56 grams of protein in your diet by comparison.  "Your body's metabolism is like a long distance runners right now.  It's pulling all it's energy right from your muscles and that's why your the skinny pussy you are right now."  167lbs is what I weigh right now.  Fuck me.  I haven't weighed that since 12th grade and my 12th grade self would beat my old ass real bad right now too.  Shit, I think Milo may beat my ass real soon.  I better watch what I say.  My doctors thru me for a tailspin last week too when I was complaining to them about how skinny I was getting.  "Listen, do you know what you just went thru?  What you did was 10X gnarlier than getting a heart or liver transplant.  Doing a heart transplant is like changing a carburetor in your car.  What you did was change the engine, transmission and wiring harness.  Blood is an organ in itself.  Then you throw immune systems in there..."  I had no idea, and glad I didn't going into this.
Today I'm going in so they can pull another bone marrow core sample from my hip.  Should be fun to be reunited with my old buddy Fentinol. 


  1. Those slippers look comfy as fuck! Now go eat a hamburger and get some meat on them bones. Z

  2. ouch on the narrow sample!
    are you sleeping in that chair now, every pic is from here I think lol :)
    thinking of you all the time! xo c

  3. Your doctor is a graduate of the Wirtanen School of Car Analogies.