Friday, November 20, 2015

I surrender

Well, I've given in.  4 weeks and 1 day from when I was released from the pen, I finally surrendered to "this is my God damn life for now and there's nothing I can do about it."
I've asked my Doctors for weekends off, just to be at the cabin, take the kids to the hill and hike and been absolutely denied by them.  "Uh, not yet John.  We want blood work out of you every day.  You have things changing in you daily and we need to keep and eye on this."  Ok, fuck it.  I'm gonna just do what they tell me.  You want me to take pills that burn my feet.  Fine.  Do daily shots that make me get daily transfusions, that then make me get reactions of itching so bad that I want to shower in acid?  Cool.   I'm just all in at this point and it feels pretty good to finally surrender and go with the flow.  Now when something actually goes my way I'm not so bitter that I can actually enjoy the moment.
Like today.  I went in at 8:15AM got blood work done, then had an ultrasound on my stomach to see if I have GVHD going on in there and then came home.  We called the nurse to see what time my transfusion was going to be and boom, my platelet count was thru the roof.   No going back for me today.  I took a nap, came down to the office and actually WORKED and then got to go to the Queen Ann pool and watch Milo dive as he's now on O'Dea dive team and swim team.  As I type this now, I'm glowing.  It was an awesome day.  And I'll take more of these please.
I will admit though, that this was a mind fuck week for me.  The grand opening and our annual C3 sales meeting is going down in Austria all week.  The reps, riders and company people have done a great job of keeping me in the loop and feeling included but it's not the same.  Being there for this grand opening of the factory we've worked 15 years for to build is something that will only happen once in my life.  And it would of been pretty sweet to be there to take it all in with everyone that helped bring it to reality.  Anyway, Cheers CAPiTA and C3.  It's been a fun ride to watch this week.  Thanks for including me.
Milo hiking around Stevens last weekend.
 Mac was locked in too.
 The CAPiTA Mothership in all it's glory.  Mmmmmm.

 Gums in all his glory. 
 Finest group of dudes and friends you'd ever want to spend your career with.
 Facetime with Cocard and Dustin telling me they miss me.  This was a nice call. 
 The A-Team.  Jess, Phil, Cocard, Backstrom, Brisse, Craven, Stevens and Blue. 
 Party Marty has no idea that the boys stole his credit card under my orders and charged a nights worth of coctails to it to pay for his drunk ass babble.  Paybacks a bitch buddy. 

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