Friday, August 14, 2015

Pint 5

Cruised into S.C.C.A. yesterday afternoon expecting a "hows things going on" from Dr. Becker and Sonny.  Instead, got told to head to the fifth floor, lay down and it was time for another pint of blood.  This is my 5th blood transfusion since last Tuesday.  Since my bone marrow isn't making new red blood cells (myelofibrosis) and my spleens gone, they have to re-up me with some new new jew jew to my YO go when my levels get low.  2 hours later they dumped the blood pump and I was home.  Sonny did come up to the room and gave us a meeting before the meeting, which was helpful.  "Sonny, what do I do this next month while waiting for the transplant?"  "Heal, rest, your off booze, eat healthy, exercise, live your life like you would and don't do anything stupid to hurt yourself."
I can live with that.

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