Sunday, September 27, 2015

Two and Three

Two more days in the books, two more treatments.  Saturday afternoon was my second installment of Cy toxin and then Sunday morning at 5AM my cocktail that takes three hours to be consumed was delivered, Butosin.  So far the only side effects of this poisoning are:  burping continuously, watery eyes, hard swallowing and a light headiness that feels like, light headiness.  Plus it might be killing off my marrow and immune system, but I can't feel that.  Yet.
I've been walking my ass off so much around here that they want to throw a Lojack on me so they can track me down for more pills, tests, blood draws, a couple of blood transfusions, sodium and what not. 38 hours I've gained 10lbs.  From 184 - 194 over night.  Full cankles too.  I'm so swoll that if I stood next to Jody High Roller that fat fuck would look cut.
My days have been filled with nurses and Dr.s doing things to me.  Walking down corridors they say I'm not allowed to go too, so I can get some laps in.  Make shift prison workouts where I do push ups on the chairs, cause they don't want me to touch the floor. Standing squats and my rehab bands that I still had.  Then I get on the Greg Lammond spin bike from 2005 and give that a whirl.  I know this "warrior" in me will go away soon.  I see it all day as I walk by the doors, men and women bed ridden.  I can almost hear them mumbling in the drug induced slumbers "fucking newb, wait a week kid, you'll be just like us."
Shits kinda real.  Dude down the row from me died yesterday.  Just when I thought the Anti Pussy Pills were working, that goes and happens and well, tears you up.
Anyway a quick update, I'm hanging in there while here in hospital prison.

I got some visitors.  Lisa has been at my side daily, and today brought Milo by.  Mac was too sick from downing a sub, then riding 6 spinning fair rides to come.  Shit bag Sam came by as well for a good 10min, until the occupational therapist came in and then he bailed.  Tonto made a late night appearance as well.  All lighted up my day.  But my first visit came from Gums and TJ on their way to the UW football game.  Gums had his backpack full of cocktail concoction things and thought it would be appropriate to make a quick one in the ICU / Transplant ward of UW Hospital of Medicine.  Yea.
My day 2's cocktails.

Tonto Facetime'd me Mac's 4th quarter football game. 
Skyping with my parents is always interesting.  Specially since I have to call them on the phone to talk to them, while they watch me talk on the screen.   Bob's putting my old haircut mold on Diane, btw.
  Nurse Erica was so on point at 5am giving me the new new.
Happy wife, happy life.  I don't know if she's happy with this situation but with her next to me at the hospital, life's a lot better.  I should probably smile.  There's a lot to be thankful for.
Call me a pill billy taking a couple cups of these a day.
How rad is this?  Ballard Pat was the surprise visitor later this evening, when he rolled up to the 8th floor just trying to drop off a card and gift.  Nurses brought him down the hall and he joined Tonto and I for much talk about everything and anything.  Then handed me a bag with a space chick book to read, a nicely hand written card and this custom ass "Brave Warrior" hat.  Thanks for the night cap Pat.


  1. Hey Yo,

    I worked an event at Lees Market in Westport this weekend and wanted to let you know I was thinking how much more fun and interesting it would have been if you were around visiting your family and stopped by. Wishing you well! Wayno

    Try and keep the positive attitude.