Sunday, December 27, 2015

Weak Neun!

That's German for NINE!  Another one in the books and things pretty much keep getting better.  Cept for the fact that it's snowing buckets up at the hill and I'm actually paying attention to what Gail my PA said on Monday, which is staying close to the hospital.  But of course I am gonna ask Dr. Storb what his take on this whole situation is, because common sense would tell ME that being stuck in Seattle until March doesn't make sense.
 "Hey Dad it's sick out here, I wish you could come with us so we had someone to film."
The way I figure it is, transplant patients from out of town need to stay close to the SCCA for a 100 days because of risk of infection.  Then after that, they usually go back to where ever they are from.  I met people from MT, ID, OR, AK, HI and other bum fuck locations that all had a transplant done and usually before the 100 days they were out of Seattle and back home doing whatever it is that they do.  Again, my common sense would say, what's so bad about me venturing another 30 min out of the way if these people are hours away by plane?  So Monday we ask Dr. Storb what he thinks.  And then I shut my trap and do as told.

Fentanyl and I have a good time.  They took bone marrow out of me and did a chimera test.  Which is to see how German I've become over the last 83 days since transplant.
Health wise I'm feeling the best I have except for this feeling of chalkiness all over my skin.  It likes to show it's head right around the time I'm supposed to go to sleep in the form of itching and dry dustiness on my skin.  Weird to explain but it's another pain in the ass with this whole thing.  I kinda got a feeling that this is a small sampling of GVHD, but I could be and hope I am wrong.  The bone marrow sampling went fine, no problems or pain there.  In and on Fentanyl and out of there with the help of Lisa, while telling her to hand me the keys to drive home while I stumbled into a wall.  I've noticed that I keep getting stuck on words in my head.  I was talking to Dr. Storb about this resort outside the snowboard factory in Austria and could not for the life of me say the resorts name.  I knew it in my head, but couldn't get it out.  They said that THIS is another side effect of the Tacrolimus that I'm on.  And lastly, I've been going black a bunch lately when I stand up too quickly.  Lights go off in the old eyeballs for about 5 seconds and I move back and forth like a bouy in the ocean.  But really, I AM feeling the best I have.  Cept for the above shit.

 Pretty right on for this one.
Happy New Year to all, especially me because 2016 is gonna be a good one.  I can feel it.  Suck a dick 2015, you're outta here.

Earned love right here.
Eddie Spaghetti texted me as he was coming in town for his first show since getting half his throat got ripped out from cancer.  He did a bunch of radiation and the cut they shit out of his pallet.  Now he's cranking, voice sounds better than ever and 5 months later was playing at the Kiss Cafe.  I wanted to go but it was too Tom Cruise for me (Risky Business).  So he came by and we swapped how much going thru things sucked and ended up laughing bout the whole thing.  As he was leaving he reached into that leather and said "oh yea, here's why I came by.  Here's the new cd, hope you enjoy it."  Buy it here, song 6 rules.
 Gnar stealing my thunder with Rocky.
 Gnar hooked me up with a tight ass shave for Christmas.   He even trimmed up the mexi-stash.
 Waiting for the rest of my hair to come back so I can grow another sweet one like this.