Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Friday the 23rd!

It's been a bit since and update.  So instead of a book, here's the Cliff Notes version.  Had birthday last Thursday while deep into the Mucusitus.  At this point my lower lip had a full blister on it that had popped the day before.  The skin flap was still on and the Dr.s said let it be, so it can fall off by itself.  My 12 year old son Mac came in to visit me and was horrified how disfigured I was.  He was pretty traumatized over the visit for sure.
Saturday night I wake up around 2AM because something was tickling the back of my throat.  It felt like I had a goldfish in my mouth and I was holding it's head in my teeth and the tail was going back and forth hitting the back of my mouth.  But the tail was half of my lower lip that peeled away and was running rouge in the back of my throat.  I hit the morphine button a couple of times, grabbed the spit suction device and gnawed the rest of that fucker from my lip.  Then realized that my new lip was raw as shit and I was completely fucked.  Another press of the button and some how my lip toughed up and acclimated to being on its own.  I'm starting to believe there could be a God.
Sunday was a good day, up until the night time when this shit decided to go mouth to ass on me and I was back on the toilet pissing out of my butt.  Nothing solid, it just sounded like I was dumping a bucket of water into the toilet.
Monday this bloomed into me waking up at 8AM and going into the bathroom over 28 times that day.  I went thru two packs of industrial wet wipes.  Doctors thought I may have an infection called C-Diff which is something that is commonly found in hospitals because everyone is on antibiotics.  Anyone that came into my room had to robe and glove up while in the room, then scrub themselves so it doesn't get passed along.  This carried into Tuesday night when they said I didn't have it and they were able to get me on some Imodium to fix the leak in my damn.  Things instantly slowed down and I started feeling good, but as always, it was too good to be true.  I finished the last of my pills, had a sense of accomplishment for doing it and started to recline my bed when I got a tap on my shoulder.  I sat up, looked around the room and saw the bucket.  As I got up and was rushing too it, out it came, this time from my mouth.  I got the bucket in time but it was filled with all types of hospital goods and ended up puking all over it.
But TODAY, is the best day of my 26 day stay so far, because all that crap is behind me.  My white blood cell count doubled from yesterdays numbers and my Neutrophil count grew five fold.  Which means things are happening and I'm on the come up.  Because of this, my mouth and ass both feel soothed and comfortable.  I'm off the narcotics, and have been trying to finally get some very basic food down my gullet.  Lisa and I had a clinic from discharge services today as well as a class on how to use home infusion and work the pumps, lines and stuff that we will use to inject in me at home vs. sitting for hours on end at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance.  We are planning on getting the hell out of here on Friday, 4 weeks from when I arrived here.  To say that today was the best day of my stay here so far is an understatement.

I can't wait to get home and get this back in my life.  4 weeks away from your wife and kids lives, is way too long.
 Butt I got to stay away from this.  No poo poo picking up for me.  Dr.s orders hon.

I'm cleared for mellow head rubs though.  Gotta wash my hands right after, but I can get back to beating the crap out of these two.  Tell me you don't want to torture this guy?
Speaking of torture, my God damn neighbor Pat just fully fucked me.  This tree in the front yard is my nemesis.  I trim it, it grows like someones fertilizing it.  I always end up climbing this thing, with the gas hedge trimmer, swinging from left to right over my head in attempt to get it under control.   Pat and Jenn across the street always come out to watch the show.  They want to see if I cut a power cord, a finger off or fall out of the tree.  But noooooo, not this year.  Pat knew this would be first on my to do list of things I'm not allowed to do so he rolled over and tamed the beast.  Neighbors of the year, yup.
I'm going home, but not out of the woods.  Got plenty more hills to climb, plenty more issues to deal with, and lots of time gonna be spent with my team and Seattle Cancer Care, but to know that I'm 30% done with this "journey," it feels pretty good. 


  1. Incredible news and headed in positive direction, stoked your headed home, ya know, keep charging

  2. I am grinning ear to ear after reading this news. SO happy for you and your family.
    And I can't wait to see that big smile and listen to your irreverent words of wisdom.
    Good job, man! You worked liked a beast and conquered the demon. Good on ya.
    Janet (as dictated by Thor).

  3. schfack, get the hell out of there!