Thursday, October 15, 2015

Happy 49th?

I certainly hope so.  Seeing how for my 48th year in this world I spent 26 weeks being hurt, over 60 visits to the doctors office, 12 weeks in Occupational Therapy, 30 days sleeping at the hospital, broke 4 ribs, scapula, elbow that required 6 screws and a plate, got a 12 pound spleen removed, 6 days of chemo, one stem cell transplant, one hemorrhoid and the worst part...only one day of riding pow. Not expecting an exciting 49th year, just one a tad better than the 48th. 

It's pretty sad that these are my most commented media, EVER.
My Mucusitus is pretty raging right now.  Still can't swallow, drink or eat and I'm still using a topical numbing lotion on my gums and butt.  I feel like that Blink 182 album cover twice a day as I yank up that rubber glove to massage cream on the button.  Who would of thought...
Now the good news.  My white blood cell count has shown improvement over the last 3 days and today, my neutrophils finally registered.  Doc says if things keep improving the way their going now, I may see my own bed at the end of the week.  Meaning my counts need to continue to rise, my mouth needs to get under control, I need to be able to eat, drink and take pills orally, as well as other things.  Still, pretty stoked to hear that.
The nurses here all signed me a card and came into the room to sing me happy birthday.  Thank you guys for all the birthday wishes on FB, IG, IM, and email. Not the raddest birthday by any means, but it kinda goes with how 48 went.

I figured I need to change some shit up in my life to ensure 49 was better that 48.  So I started off by unfollowing people I could give two shits about.  Shaun, Leah from Married To the Mob and Bozung all got the cut today.
 I was restricted to my side of the building today, so this is what 45 minutes of walking around my floor looks like.
 I have been DILIGENT with my mouth care.  Rinsing with saline solution 10X a day, using Lidocaine on my gums every 30 minutes, sucking out all mucus with a suction pump and using Lanolin on my lips to protect them.  And this is how they pay me back.  That's my lower lip completely peeled away from, my lower lip.  Happy fucking birthday.

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  1. only one hemorrhoid, stoke! it sounds like you will be feeling better soon yay!!!