Sunday, October 4, 2015

Stem Cell Go Time

Wednesday morning at 8AM was the last time I had chemo and was due for the stem cells on Friday evening.  That left me three uneventful, but good days building up to the day.  Lots of visitors, work time, Skype, watching movies and walking filled those days. 
About 8PM on Friday I noticed a blood stain on my only tee shirt I had and it revelled that I had moved my Hickman line enough that I was bleeding out of my insertion hole.  No problem though, a lot of clean up, gauze, tape and the assertion that this would not hold up what was about to happen. 
8:30PM hit and in walked my bag of a second chance.   It looked like tomato juice after it had been sitting in ice for a while.  They hooked me up and 2 hours later lunch reared it's face for a second chance thru my mouth.  A nausea pill solved that and 4 hours later at 1AM on Saturday we were finished. 
I had a good sleep but woke up feeling like shit.  Started the morning off with a mellow bile puke, which moved into a fart presenting itself as a shit in my pants, and continued with that feeling the rest of the day.  Thank God for baby wipes. 
Today though, feeling like a champ.  Except my Hickman line is bleeding again, and they got a 5lb weight on it trying to get the blood to stop coming out.  Remember, my red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets were just poisoned and in the process of dying off and being replaced with Kraut blood.  Anyway, all good in the hood. 

Lisa and I going back and forth with Stick and Silly Chick Jen by I-Message.  Good times.
This Godsend showed up on Wednesday.  Lisa's sister Leslie is out to care for the kids for the next two weeks while Lisa cares for me.  I love you Leslie.
Boys have been coming by for a visit and playing candy crush. 
New me in a bag.
423ml containing pure 20 year old Arian Kraut blood.


  1. You might be doing better than me. A couple weeks ago, I sharted myself awake in the morning and had to immediately shuffle my shorts into the bathroom. I can't even blame it on crappy platelets or chemo.

  2. Hey, Stay brave and keep writing, you blog will inspire many. Best wishes and regards to you and you family.

    Be happy and cheers
    Rahim Maarof